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How to Listen to Your Calls

Last Updated: May 26, 2015 01:46PM MDT
  1. Click Listen at the top of the page.



  1. Your calls and the call details will be displayed. (Note that you can export this information by clicking the Excel icon at the top right of the list.)



  1. On the left of the page, click the View By Date pick list and select the date range. The Summary Information list will display all calls for this time period.



  1. To listen to a call, click the corresponding blue triangle on the right side of the Summary Information list.



  1. On the Listen window, click the Play icon to listen to your calls. The calls are recorded in stereo so you will hear the caller on one side and the person answering on the other. You will want to make sure that your speakers are set up for that.


Call Sort List
You can sort how you view the information on the Listen page by Date/Time, alphabetically by Group Name, Originating Number, Tracking Number, Destination Number or call Duration. Simply click on the heading that you want to sort by.


Tags are a way to organize and categorize your calls.

In the Tags field on the Listen window, enter the name of your tag (such as “Sales call”, “Missed opportunity”, “Existing customer”, etc.) and click Add.


If you want to find all the calls with a specific tag, enter the name of the tag you are looking for in the Keyword Search field on the top left side of the page and click Go. All the calls that have this tag for the time frame that you have specified will be displayed.


You can add comments as you’re listening to the calls.

Click Add on the right side of the Listen window. Enter your comment in the field and click Save. This will add the comment on the right side of the Listen window and put a quote box above the listen bar showing where you made the comment. You can click on the quote box at any time and it will take you directly to the point in the conversation that you made that comment.


If you are planning on using scorecards, assign the user and the scorecard from the Listen page.

From the Listen window, select the user that belongs to this call from the User pick list. Click Assign Scorecard to add a scorecard.

Downloading and Emailing
You can download a call or email the call. Emailed calls will only stay active in the email for four hours.
At the top of the Listen window, click the Envelope icon to email the call or the Disk icon to download the call.


Conversation Analytics
After your calls have been analyzed, you can view them from the Listen page. If it’s an analyzed call, the circle icon on the far right side of the screen will be green . If the call has not been analyzed, the circle icon will be blue .


To display the analyzed calls at the top of the list, click on the empty space above the circle icon.

To view the analyzed call, click the green circle icon .

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