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Quick Start Guide - CQM

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2016 04:17PM MST


Welcome to Convirza for Call Quality Monitoring. You are about to start using a powerful tool that will allow you to clearly see how your marketing and sales efforts are affecting your bottom line.


Since Convirza for CQM is a SaaS product, it requires very little in the way of local resources. You’ll need speakers (or headphones) attached to your computer to listen to the calls and a browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Firefox 3.0 or higher, and any version of Google Chrome). If you have any questions on compatibility, please give us a call.

Logging In

You log in to Convirza for CQM right from the display page. Mouse over the Login link in the upper right of the page. At the Login dropdown, enter your user name (the email address you used to sign up for Convirza service) and your password (sent to you in your welcome email). Click Log in and you’ll be instantly logged into the application.

Using Convirza for CQM

After you’ve logged in, the Home page will be displayed. This page gives you a snapshot of your account. Included is your recent activity so that you may return to a recently visited area. You will see goals you have set up and key metrics at a glance.

  • View your recent activity
  • View your important goals
  • View key metrics

Track Page Features

The Track page gives you high level summary information for all your tracking numbers and groups. You can filter summary information by group or tracking number. Total call volume, geographic location, call distribution, area codes and call status information is all located in one convenient location.

  • View statistics summary
  • View call volume
  • View geographic call distribution
  • View call mix between tracking numbers
  • View calls by area codes
  • View call status ratio

Listen Page Features

All calls from your tracking numbers are available for listening, tagging and adding comments at the Listen page. Important summary information is provided in the summary area at the top of the page. All calls can be sorted for viewing by date range or by using the filter criteria to narrow calls by groups, tracking numbers, users and technology source the call came from.

  • Listen to calls
  • Search for calls
  • Add tags to calls
  • Add comments to calls
  • Select calls for scoring (if you’ve purchased either the Pro or Enterprise version of Convirza)
  • Download calls
  • Email calls

Score Page Features

The Score page is where you work with calls that were selected from the Listen page. Here you can play the call and fill out scorecards for the call. You can also review a call that was scored and assigned to you for review. Scorecards can grade calls on lead quality or on sales or customer service skills. The top of the page shows summary information about the status of calls that have been submitted for scoring.

  • Score calls
  • Review scored calls
  • View summary information
  • Filter and sort scorecards

Report Page Features

The Report page allows you generate 30 different reports to filter and view data for all aspects of your business so you can identify trends and take action. You can view reports as charts, spreadsheets and maps of your data that detail your call activities, scorecard activities (including scores, quotas and trends) and show what is being talked about most or least in your phone conversations for calls that have been tagged. All reports can be filtered in multiple ways using our unique filter features.

  • Call data
  • Scorecard
  • Tags
  • Goals

Goals Page Features

Creating goals is a good way to improve results. The Goals page allows you to set up goals around a variety of marketing and sales objectives. Goals will allow you to see how well calls are being handled or how well that marketing campaign is going.

  • Campaign ROI
  • Phone skills
  • Call success
  • Call quality
  • Call activity

Setup Area Features

The Setup area is where you change settings for your account and configure how Convirza for CQM works for you. You can review your latest bill, change your subscriptions and edit your users and groups.
You can also provision numbers and create the routes associated with them from the Advanced tab, create and edit scorecards or set up our Teleclick on your website, add Convirza to your Google Analytics account or configure a dynamic number for an advertising campaign.


Help Area Features

The Help area is where you can access this Quick Start Guide, review our database of FAQs, watch tutorial videos and participate in a community support forum. You can also give us a call if you’d like to talk to one of our Client Services Representatives.

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  • Call Us @ 844-504-TECH (8324)
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